Vogue Poland, Brittany Fanning. Waiting for the explosion

05/ 02/ 2024

Tension and mystery like in Giorgione’s paintings, and at the same time the atmosphere and storytelling style straight from Ottessa Moshfegh’s books? These are the canvases of Brittany Fanning, one of the most interesting American painters of the young generation. Fanning is developing his career with a bang. This season is already hers, and it’s about to get even more interesting.

he first look at Brittany Fanning’s canvases may be misleading – we see smooth pictures like  Slim Aarons frames  and snapshots from the golden era of Hollywood, as well as postcard panoramas with buildings like the Versace Mansion in Miami. Everything is colorful and illuminated, greens and ochres are seething from the canvases, as if someone had turned up the saturation of the image. The next minutes spent in front of the paintings dismantle this apparent simplicity and allow us to realize that the artist does not paint real places, but created, impossible spaces. Elements of the American South – tennis courts, vast swimming pools, Spanish arcades – combine with those from Europe: cypress groves, baskets of lemons and oranges. This is how Brittany Fanning creates seemingly idyllic lands where you can bounce balls and sip drinks slowly and gracefully. I see. It may still seem that this is painting suited to the times, in which figuration is enjoying commercial triumphs and fresh graduates of the academy love pseudo-Instagram stories. 

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“A Somewhat Welcome Intruder” ©BrittanyFanning