Arte al Dia, The Wind of history. The Fragility of Ancestral Time.

By Anna Theis | May 23rd 2024

History forms an invisible rhythm, resounding in the background of visual stories. Listen carefully and the past will also reveal its intrinsic connection with the future. “Which of these two constructs is the driving force, and which sets the tone of the current moment?” asks “The Fragility of the Ancestral Time,” a group exhibition first shown at Casa Velazquez in Santo Domingo and now on view at the Avèle gallery in Cap Cana. Bordering on philosophical treatises, the exhibition provides great aesthetic pleasures.

The bubbles on Olamide Ogunade’s canvases are relatively small and, as bubbles tend to, barely stand out from the background; you have to strain your gaze to see them. They work like drapery or a curtain that almost disappears once the eye becomes used to the canvas and the viewer is drawn to the true depiction behind them: the glamorous world of women dressed in colorful clothes, overly stylish, immortalized in poses that wink at historical painting costumes. 

Work by Olamide Ogunade.