Gentle Lady
Charcoal and acrylic on canvas
36 x 36 in

Olamide Ogunade

Olamide Ogunade, a Nigerian artist (B.1996) currently based in Lagos, has nurtured a deep-seated passion for art since his childhood. His artistic journey has evolved over the years, shaped by dedicated training, extensive research, and continuous practice. Ogunades creative endeavors are influenced by his personal encounters and the broader experiences of the African society to which he belongs.

Ogunade Olisco employs charcoal in a striking juxtaposition with a vibrant color palette, infusing an animated luminosity into the portrayal of the human form. Throughout his work, there is a constant and delicate handling of his subjects, endowing them with a graceful elegance that evokes strong emotions.By blending bold colors and distinctive prints, Nigerian artist Olamide Ogunade Olisco articulates a distinct West African identity on the canvas.Through his art, he initiates discussions on individualism, beauty, and race, inviting viewers to engage with these compelling topics.

Ogunade studied Fine Art at Yaba College of Technology in Lagos, Nigeria.Recent exhibitions include Only Until This Cigarette is Ended, Pictorum Gallery, London(2023), Temporary Generation, Suburbia Contemporary, 

Barcelona(2022); Voices for Love, PRIOR Art Space, Barcelona(2022); 40 under 40, WHATIFTHEWORLD, Cape Town(2021); Polychromatic, Daniel Raphael, London(2021); Frieze London, The Breeder, London(2021); Stop, listen!, CFHILL Gallery, Sweden(2021); Afrika First, Valerius Gallery, Luxembourg(2018).Ogunade Oliscos work is in private collections in Burkina Faso, Austria, USA, Germany, France and Sweden.