Francisca Sosa López

Reflecting on her roots in Venezuela, Francisca Sosa López intervenes readymade materials such as disposables, spare threads, buttons, and used textiles from her family’s home in her native South American country. Her work is deeply influenced by Venezuela’s colossal migration crisis. The concept of creating a beautiful piece out of what would otherwise be taken as trash is an important part of Sosa López’ oeuvre. 

Her multidisciplinary practice symbolizes her complicated relationship with her country of origin – emotions (affection, anger, disappointment) are stalwartly palpable in her intricate weavings. Sosa López evokes her motherland from the point of view of reconstruction – to build something better through her practice. Combining rich colours with faint hues, the Venezuelan artist dexterously uses materiality as a form of expression.

She has her BA in Fine Arts and Art History from the University of Colorado as well as her MFA in painting from the Slade School of Fine Arts. She has exhibited work at The British Museum, Pippy Houldsworth gallery, PEER gallery, Grove London and others. She is the recipient of the Provost Purchase Prize for UCL East, 2020, and the Adrien Carruther’s ACME Award 2020/2021.