From the series “Form and Void” 2019.
Stainless steel with blue electrostatic pigment. 12 x 27 x 27 in.

Fernando Varela

Born in 1951 in Montevideo, Uruguay, Fernando Varela has been living and working in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic since 1975. Varela is a versatile artist, passionate about philosophy and music – themes equally present in his practice. The Uruguayan artist’s inspiration with the work of the spiritual master Bô Yin Ra (Joseph Anton Scheneiderfranken (1876-1943)) represents a significant part of his aesthetic orientation in his oeuvre – through the conformation of a personal and vital artistic language. Transcendence is another theme omnipresent in Varela’s work; the representation of a relentless search for the ‘perfect’ composition, one that breaks the mold of time and place – partly inspired by some of the great names of expressionism like Rotkho, Pollock and de Kooning.

Varela’s work effortlessly creates a horizon that involves human, spirituality and aesthetic elements and their possibility of confluence. Through a demanding aesthetic process involving color theory and forms, Varela achieves a masterful and balanced oeuvre inspired by the sublime.

Recent exhibitions include: ‘Mundos: Los Transitos de Fernando Varela’, Centro Leon, Santiago, Dominican Republic, 2022; ‘P4LABRA NUM3RO CO10R’, Lucy Garcia Gallery, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, 2022. His works have been exhibited in countries such as the United States, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Spain, France, Greece, Canada, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic. Varela’s work is also included in numerous institutions, such as the National Museum of Visual Arts in Montevideo, Uruguay; the Museum of Contemporary Art of Guayaquil, Ecuador; the Museum of Modern Art of Guatemala; Metropolitan Museum of Quito, Ecuador; and Museum of Contemporary Art of Puerto Rico.