Cecilia Fiona

Danish artist Cecilia Fiona examines the idea of our roots {our ancestry} in nature. Fiona looks to transformation, connectedness, and movement as central powers in her practice; coming to the realization that we each have an ecosystem within us, a portal for other species in our microbiome. She ingeniously constructs dreamlike scenarios through mystical figures – both sculptural and in painting, as well as costumes. Her oeuvre is filled with stories where time is just a construct: life and death occur simultaneously, in a symbiotic way. Fiona’s intricate visual vocabulary lends to a masterful practice, rich in unique materials such as rabbit skin glue.

The Danish artist blends the glue (normally used as primer) with natural and handmade pigments to create a luminous finish across the canvas. Fiona holds a bachelor’s degree in art history from the University of Copenhagen, she was also shortlisted for the Hopper Prize in 2023. Recent solo shows include a solo show in Vitrine Gallery, London in 2024 and a solo booth for Vitrine Gallery at Independent Art Fair, NY in 2023. In 2022 Fiona also had a solo show at El Castillete Residency in Madrid, “Floreo Floreo”, and a solo show at Anderson’s Contemporary, “Follow the Flowers” in 2022.