Wild Daydream
Acrylic on canvas
48 x 72 in.

Brittanny Fanning

Brittany Fannings(b.1991) artistic journey is deeply intertwined with the formative experiences of her upbringing in the Southeastern United States. Growing up amidst the constant presence of natural disasters and local wildlife, from alligators to hurricanes and forest fires, she internalized these elements, which continue to exert a profound influence on her creative expression to this very day.

Currently based in Los Angeles, Fanning finds herself profoundly captivated by the ecological richness of Southern California.She delves into the local flora and fauna, meticulously photographing region- specific elements, ranging from the charm of aging art deco architecture to the allure of backyard swimming pools and tennis courts.

These visual snapshots often form the bedrock of her compositions, which often portray relaxed human figures engaged in gatherings around lavishly adorned tables, while intriguingly juxtaposed with the subtle presence of predators or imminent natural calamities.In this captivating fusion, Fanning’s art encapsulates the interplay between humanity’s inherent connection with the environment and the lurking forces of uncertainty.