In the realm of Greek Mythology, evoking art and beauty

Heliconia PRojects

Featuring exhibitions, presentations, as well as discussions and symposiums, Heliconia will serve as an ecosystem connecting artists, collectors, and art professionals alike. Heliconia is an art world oasis — bridging the gap between the Caribbean and the rest of the world.

ABout us

A patron of the arts and art collector, Venezuelan-born Elsa Maldonado hails from a long line of established collectors and art philanthropists in her family. Elsa has always had a sensibility when it comes to contemporary art. Her collection focuses on primarily installations with a geometric aspect. Themes common in her collection are color theory, societal critique, and spirituality. After recently moving to the Dominican Republic, Elsa and Nicole saw an opportunity to create a commercial curatorial endeavour bridging the gap between other markets such as the United States, Europe, Africa, and Latin America.

Born in Venezuela and of Bulgarian descent, Nicole Bainov is an art professional with nearly 10 years of experience. After completing her Master’s degree in Art at Sotheby’s, she worked in various art institutions and blue-chip contemporary galleries in London. Nicole began growing her collection in her early twenties, with a focus on young women artists—motifs such as self exploration and identity are seen throughout her collection. Aside from building her own collection, Nicole is also a curator, alongside her partner Elsa, seeking to support and expand the Latin American art industry both locally and internationally.